domingo, 4 de octubre de 2009

Troll - Drep De Kristne (1996)

Disc: Drep De Kristne
Band: Troll
Year: 1996
Stile: Black Metal
Country: Norway
Format: Flac
Size: 270MB
Server: Rapidshare

Recorded at Den Ukjente Lydstudio in October 1995.
Produced by Nagash and Den Ukjente.

Nagash Blackheart: All instruments
First press Digipack by Damnation Records (shown on the picture).
Re-Released by Head not Found (with different track list, play length & cover

Cataloque number for Damnation records: D4

Track List
2.I Saler av Sten03:40
4.Naar Solen Blekner Bort04:17
5.Troll Riket04:07
6.Med Vold Skal Takes Kristenliv03:06
7.Gud's Fall03:57
8.Drep De Kristne03:56
Total playing time36:10